Cloudmaskgan: A content-aware unpaired image-to-image translation algorithm for remote sensing imagery

Published in IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, 2019

Sorour Mohajerani, Reza Asad , Kumar Abhishek, Neha Sharma, Alysha van Duynhoven, Parvaneh Saeedi. IEEE International Conference on Image Processing. ICIP 2019.



Cloud segmentation is a vital task in applications that utilize satellite imagery. A common obstacle in using deeplearning-based methods for this task is the insufficient number of images with their annotated ground truths. This workpresents a content-aware unpaired image-to-image translation algorithm. It generates synthetic images with differentland cover types from original images, while preserving thelocations and the intensity values of the cloud pixels. Therefore, no manual annotation of ground truth in these images isrequired. The visual and numerical evaluations of the generated images by the proposed method prove that their qualityis better than that of competitive algorithms.